All images and media © 2010 Genevieve Montgomery

DISCLAIMER: This film was not intended as a film, nor for public viewing. It was recorded almost entirely with the video setting of a 6 megapixel point and shoot pocket camera. It was created in the spirit of play-acting and thumb-printing of an idea for something greater. I learned to edit through stringing together these thumbnails  into a subliminal storyline, and derived satisfaction with the  idea that  an artist can create something from nothing. The visual effects of low resolution-- although not necessarily the same impact in a still photograph, which may benefit from a painterly  impression-- on video allow the face and figure of an actor  to appear bloated and ill--rather interesting as a contrast with the 8 megapixel-- effecting a different person/character. So, while fat and ill cannot flatter, I decided despite reservations to include it, as I feel the Paris subjects give it interest.